Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2 Recipes in 1 night

Yesterday I found 2 really good primal recipes and decided to try them.  One was beef stew and the other was Omelet Muffins (which is obviously for breakfast).  I just don't wake up early enough to make omelet's or any other good primal breakfast so when I found this recipe I was really excited. Both recipes were easy to make and didn't really take too long.  Once I got the stew set I started on making the muffins and they both finished cooking at the same time.

Beef Stew:
I added extra garlic and used 1 can of rotel and 2 (14.5oz) cans of diced tomatoes, instead of 4 cans of tomatoes.  Other than that I followed the directions exactly and according to Matt it's definitely a repeater. I would give this a 9 on the Nommy scale.  For us (Matt & I) this lasted for 2 dinners & 1 lunch

Omelet Muffins:
I used diced ham and heated it on the stove first.  For the veggies I used spinach, red bell pepper, onions and mushrooms.  I also added a little bit of cheese & used pink salt (which is aweskome and healthy). I don't know what size muffin tins they used but I got 12 muffins not 8.  Salsa on the side really makes these a 10 on the Nommy scale. WARNING: do NOT use silicone muffin pan as picking it up and moving it to the oven will make the egg mixture go every where, yeah I clearly wasn't thinking and it was messy.

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  1. I will definitely have to try those! I don't eat eggs, but my family does and I bet they will love the omelet muffins. And my kids are picky when it comes to tomatoes, but more beef stew for me :)